Don't cry
I said to myself
as feelings
of past youth
encompass my soul.


What was meant to be
and who am I
to question the why?


The knowledge alone
of knowing
can't stop in the
realization of today,
the yet to be.


Rejoice in the thought
of learning through
the pain,
the anguish
and desolation.


Where is the strength
I need to survive?
Mine is all used up
like a giant sponge
having soaked up
life's puddle.


Living in this flesh
makes it more
needing of another
flesh to understand
and care.


Mortality is
for sharing,
not aloneness.
You are to put
Jesus as the missing link
of struggles.


You have no need
of man
for passing through
the gates of

Patty Bancroft Roberts


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