Our friends and some of us. . .

I took this off our friends T.V.  It is me and Raymond in the film
"Brigham City", the murder mystery. What fun we had being
extra's in it.  We spent from 8 in the morning until about 8 at night
during one day for the church scene.  Other scenes that we ended up
on the cutting room floor was the parade scene and the birthday
party scene.  I was one of the ones blowing up the balloons (with a helium tank).
But that's okay as they put us on the front row for the church scenes because of my white hair. Only one other person had white hair and he was in the Bishopric and they wanted to show all different ages in the scene, not just young families.  White hair came in hand that time!  <smile>


We didn't know ourselves who the culprit was until we saw the film.  Of course we have our own copy of it now.  I also have a used soda can of Richard Doucher's that I had him sign for me.  Someone said after he gave it to me, that someday I could make a lot of money off of it on E-Bay!


Our dearest single friend here in Springville, Cathern.
This was taken at a Chinese Restaurant where we took
her for her birthday.  She is such a giving person and
she hand tied quilts for  most of our
grandkids for Christmas, 2001.  They weren't regular size ones,
but lap ones.  The kids must have all had large laps as she
sure wasn't skimpy with them.  Our Megan and Melanie both
got regular size ones for their beds.

E'dee and Norm, whom I first met over the computer.
Since then we have visited with each other a couple of times
and I wish that I lived closer to them. What fun people
they are.  Sure wish I was as crafty as E'dee!  This was taken
this past year when they came up to go to Conference and we all
met for dinner about half way from our house to SLC.  The visit didn't
last long enough!

Another computer friend, Ellie, but I haven't had the pleasure of
meeting her in person though. I met her through DAR as she was my
supervisor for AOL DAR and Revolutionary Web pages for
Patriot look-ups.  We have been keeping in touch now for over five
years!  Like I have said before, isn't this computer a wonderful

This is Alice and Walt.  Our friends since we have been married
but Alice was my friend before that as I met her when she and I was single way back in the early 70's. They had been on a trip and stopped by for a short visit on their way back home.  They even got their picture in the county newspaper!  I will show that one later.

Seems like whenever people met, we eat!  hahaha We were sitting with
all of these dear folks at a bbq this past summer.  I won't put their names
here because I haven't asked them if I could.

Our friends, Gary and Linda.  What neat people
they are and how much fun to be with too! They both were in my Family
History class in church and one or the other never missed a Sunday for 22 weeks! I was in the Primary when their son was baptized and I was involved
with that.  Super people.

This is Peggy and Pete.  Peggy spoils me rotten
by stopping by, just whenever, and sometimes she
has a small sack of popsicles, plate of fresh cookies,
and she never forgets a holiday either.  What a loving couple
they are.  Pete isn't as tiny as he looks here, he was just
sitting on the far side of the table! They were in Australia
for their mission and we kept in touch through the computer. We lost Pete this past fall of 2003 from cancer.  We miss him terribly.

Our very dearest and closest friends here are Sharon and Marion.  Sharon is sitting by their hot tub and the one of Marion is when they were camping one time.  They have a boat, nice trailer and a couple of off road vehicles.  Now THEY know how to camp!  They are both there for us in rain or shine.  I can call anytime and they never put me off.  It's fun watching DVD's at their house as they have one of those huge big screen TV's with Dolby sound.

Jessica and Shad, Sharon and Marion's son,
at their wedding in 2005. 


Some of my dearest DAR friends at one of our meetings.  
What a wonderful bunch of ladies they are.
Left to right, Margaret, Ellen, Ramona and Loris.

This is Dorinda and her husband, Stan.  I miss Dorinda
as we were just becoming good friends when they moved

These are Ted and Melba, Dorinda's folks.  They have been wonderful friends
since we moved up here 13 years ago. This is in our grove during
their family reunion last summer, 2002. Even though the age
difference doesn't warrant me feeling like they are mom and dad,
in my heart they have been.  We also lost Ted this past year, 2003, so we are glad that Melba is near a bunch of her kids and their families as they had moved down to St. George Spring of 2003.



More coming