Miscellaneous Bancroft Ancestors Pictures

This is Frederick Sherman Bancroft, my grandpa, and Lloyd Englewood Bancroft, Sr., my Dad. He was about 2 which means this picture was taken about 1896 and it was in Pepperell, MA


This is a family picture of Frederick and Lulu Bancroft, my grandparents.
On the back row:  Verner, Lloyd, Frederick.  Front row:
Audrey, Lulu, Aunt Isabel (Frederick's sister) and Gr. Grandma Gilson, 


According to the back of the picture, the first person's name in unknown;
the lady in the middle is Aunt Lupie (Grandpa's sister) and then is
Grandma Gilson (Sarah Elizabeth Smith).

Lloyd Englewood Bancroft, Sr., abt. 1896/97

This is a Bancroft family. We are related somehow but I haven't figured it out completely yet!  <smile> The twins in the middle are; Barbara Elizabeth Bancroft, Beverly Rozellen Bancroft Finkenhagen b 30 Mar 1919. The older couple sitting in the front are Mason Monroe Bancroft born in Dakota Territory.  He married Leoa May Carr.  The other lady is Florence Opal Bancroft b 27 Mar 1911 perhaps Mason's sister? The young man next to Leoa is Caroll Wayne Bancroft and the young man to his left (our right) is Varney Bancroft.



I have the paper that Emma Lovejoy Spaulding wrote the picture identifications.  This is a copy of a picture that was taken in 1905-6 in the Lovejoy's front yard by the "old white fence", wrote Emma. She wrote this in December 1972.

Front row: (1) My mother Adah Emma Bancroft Spaulding
(2) My brother Sumner Barton Spaulding
(3) My Grandfather Charles Henry Bancroft and little black dog Dick.
(4) Dora Willows Perry Bancroft Sows and wife
(5) Your grandfather Samuel Prescot Bancroft
(6) Our Uncle George Glover, Liza's B-G's husband
(7) And me 7 or 8 yrs old standing in front of....
(8) Uncle Will Dean
(9) Charles Bancroft Spaulding 9 or 10 yrs. sitting in front of Dora and she is holding..
(10) Altha Bancroft Crampton (daughter of Luther and Bertha) now lives in Tulsa, Okla and I hear from her several times a year.

Back row: (1) Man friend of my mother's brother Luther
(2) My Father Frank Bowers Spaulding
(3) Luther S. Bancroft
(4) Wife Bertha Nichols Bancroft
(5) Lizzie Tufts, Grandpa Bancroft's house keeper, he later married her.



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