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Dad and Mum

1. Pictures of Dad and Mum, but I don't have very many of my Mum as I guess she was the one taking the pictures of Dad!  But I will add what I do have. (more coming)

Ancestors Pictures & Stories

2.  This is a whole lot of miscellaneous pictures of different Bancroft's including some of my family. Also, the story of the
"Bancroft Violin."

Ancestors Pictures 2

3.  Bancroft Coat of Arms and other misc. Plus pictures of Dad's brother, sister and 
mom. I also have included pictures and the
story of the pewter communion and collection



5.  Bancroft Epitaphs on Tombstones, Old Groton Cemetery, Groton, Mass.

Genealogy From Books

6.  Genealogy information from Middlesex Co. MA books on Bancroft's.

Vital Records Index

  7.  Information that has been scanned from copies of Lynn, Lynnfield, Wakefield and Reading of births, marriages and deaths, (in process) and miscellaneous other Bancroft information is now posted.



Straitiff  1
 Early Families in PA and their homesteads

Straitiff 2
Bible Records

Straitiff 3
Norwood, Jacob, Doris (Hammon), 
Gordon & Shirley, John King Wallpaper, 
pictures of Charles H. & Catherine

Straitiff 4
Jost listed on ship list & old will. Also
tax information.


Straitiff 5
 Art and Doris and their family

Straitiff 6
Mum's niece and Straitiff 6 generations

Straitiff  7
Old coal receipt for 1921 Straitiff Bros.

Straitiff 8
Dan and Maxine and part of the family plus
Grandpa and Grandma Straitiff's 50th
anniversary picture and stories about memories of their home.


Work in progress...please excuse confusion!!  

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