Still Straitiff's!

This is Virginia Courser who is the daughter of my Mum's sister, Olive Mary
who was born 15 Feb 1907, Anita, Jefferson County, PA and died 3 Jul 1932.
Mum often told me stories how her sister Olive was a hand model!

Virginia married Eugene and these are their two children ,Bradley,
the baby, who is 8 weeks old in this picture and his sister, Jeanette, who is
 1 1/2 years old.


This is our first four generation picture taken in  Sudbury at the White 
House about 1939.  I am on the left, then my Mum. Catherine Edith
Straitiff Bancroft, her Mum, Catherine Miller Straitiff, then her Mum, 
Mary Jones Miller.


The second four generation picture taken during my Mum's
50th Wedding Anniversary celebration in s 1982.
My daughter, is on the left, her daughter, me and then Mum.
Mum is wearing her original wedding dress.  How many can
say that! I duplicated her original bouquet.