More Straitiff Photos

This is Doris (Blood) and William Arthur Straitiff.
Uncle Art b 24 Dec 1908  d 27 Oct 1959


Let's see if I can get this right!  <smile>  Apparently the picture was taken in either 1947 or 1948 according to when the kids were born as the youngest of them is Doris  who is the baby on the right.  Left to right..........Wm ., Ruth , Paul, John , Ralph , Florence, Sarah , Ida , Charles , Alfred and Doris .  

Auntie Doris in her home  taken 
Oct. 1980.   b 24 Aug 1929  d 1999


This is of Ruth when she graduated in 1949.

b 19 Apr 1942 d 29 Apr 1964


Ralph .   Taken March 1955

Paul  and Ralph with me in the middle!
Taken a long time ago at Auntie Doris'

Dad and Mum, me and Paul.  Taken in 1952 in
 Ca. in my folk's front yard.  Oh, to be young
again.....weren't we slim!! Paul was in the Marine's
and stationed in Camp Pendleton.

Ida.   She is going to
kill me for putting this in here but
I don't have any others.