Straitiff Families
Stratiff - Streighthoof - Straightiff - Straitiff - Streithoff - Streithoof - Strateiff - Straithoof - Straighthoof - Straighthoff - Streithof - to name a few! phewww

 The picture below is (top) the foundation of the first Straitiff home in the area and the (bottom) is the spring area that was right by the home believed to be that of Daniel Streighthoof's place in Anita.  I have a piece of the original fireplace brick with it's soot stain still on it and also a piece of one of the handmade bricks that was part of the house.


Below is a copy of a "Geophysical Investigations Map" showing the approximate spot of where Daniel's 900 acres was located.


Don't have a clue if you can make any sense out of this but thought I would
include it anyway,  just in case.  It has information about land grants.


The house on the left was John King Straitiff's place.  I have one of the homemade barn hinges that the owners gave me.  They also brought down from their attic, a bushel basket full of old papers, etc.,  that they didn't have the heart to throw out.  My cousin, Olive, and I took some of it.  I  have a pair of John King's high top button shoes that he wore too.

The right hand picture is part of what is left of William and Rebecca's home.  I am the proud owner of a pair of cupboard door fronts and a drawer front that the people living next door gave me.  They had taken them from the rubble and put them in their garage not knowing what in the world they were going to do with them (until I came along) ! 


The photo on the left below is the house in Anita, PA that my mother, Catherine Edith Straitiff, was born.  It is a dark picture but you can still see how low the house sits below the roadway. The other photo is the grave stone for Daniel B and Margaret Straitiff.