Miscellaneous Pictures

Norwood and Jacob 



This is a picture of a piece of the wall paper that was in that basket full of 
information from the John King homestead.


This is a picture of my Mum's sister, Doris Vermont Straitiff  Hammon.
Isn't she beautiful!  All of Mum's siblings were handsome and beautiful.
I have always wished that I had individual pictures of each of them. Aunt 
Doris was born 22 Nov. 1921 and passed away in 1999 in Florida.


Just receive this from a cousin I didn't even know that I had!
His name is Gordon and his lovely wife is Shirley.  Can you believe
that when I lived in Hemet they didn't live very far from me!!
Isn't the internet wonderful......we never in the world would have ever
known of each other without it. I never did get to meet them both as
Shirley passed away from complications of heart surgery in the month
of October 2001.