Antiques and Collectibles

  This is a teeny, tiny bottle of perfume from Paris, France.  
It was brought over to the United States by a neighbor's 
wife when she came as his German War Bride. After she 
passed, he gave it to me.  I have an e-mail into Lanvin to 
see what it's worth. 



                             This is a pewter collection plate from 1783.                                  Please refer to
                                               Ancestors Pictures 3 in the Bancroft Index that can be         
                                               reached by clicking on the Pepperell Stuff button on the first
                                               page of my web site. The full explanation and story of it, is
                                               posted there. 


These are two Marcus Stone Photographs dated 1902 and 1903. 
They are in their original frames and the backing is intact.



These are just part of my cigar band collection.  Please go to the Collection Button on the front page. Also there will be those tiny motel soaps from the 1949's along with my father's metal Legion badges from the conventions he attended during the 40' and 50's also on those pages.


This is a picture of my hanging shelf with some of my collectibles and antiques. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will be glad to help you in anyway that I can with the descriptions, etc.


When we went to Salt Lake to get our uniforms for the Olympics, they didn't have the size jacket that I needed.  I guess I squawked enough so that on the opening day that we were all to be in full uniform and in the correct color, I was finally given one that was my size and color.  They didn't have any green left with the Olympic patches, etc. on it,  so they took one out of the Paralmpics and had a tailor take  patches of the  logos from a small Olympic one and put it on a

green Paralympic jacket my size. The big difference though is the back of the jacket and you can see the stitching of the patches where originally they were imprinted on the jackets and not sewn. The Olympic jackets had the five silver rings on the back where the Paralympics had 2002 in silver on the back.  So I have the ONLY Olympic jacket in existence that has the Paralympic emblem on the back. (I borrowed the picture of the Olympic one from the internet.) This is my Olympic jacket with the Paralympic 2002 logo on the back.  You can see the Olympic patch on the back of the collar which replaced the Paralympic    one.



Below shows a plate that my mom gave me that was my father's mother, Lulu Bancroft, who had the plate in her things. She passed away in 1963 at the age of 94. We are in the process of trying to find out more about it as it looks really old.  The inscription on the back says, "Joseph Stubbs, Longport".  No date or any other marking is seen. The plate appears to have really been used and even over an open fire by the color of the bottom.  It appears to be a bowl plate if there is such a thing as it isn't flat like an ordinary plate.  It has a beautiful image of a clam shell in the middle with flowers around the border.  The plate does have a chip on the rim that is a rust color.


What has been entered to this point are within my pages under different categories with the exception of the picture of the jacket and the above plate.  I will be getting out my digital camera and taking pictures of quite a few more that I have that haven't been shown. Just about anything shown is for sale if the right offer is made.

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