Burkett Family continued . . . . .

Arnold and some of his cousins.
Arnold Burkett, "The City Slicker holding camera is me,  others in picture are my 
Burkett Cousins at Claysburg, between Altoona and Bedford, PA."


My son, Bruce, and wife Eileen.
Bruce  received  his doctor diploma  in 2002.
His wife Eileen is an RN nurse.
This is their 2nd marriage.

Jacob and Angeline's daughter Rebeka.  Rebeka married a Stratiff, she lived in Jefferson county, on the back road between Knoxdale and Anita.  I checked with Rebeka's great niece and confirmed that Rebeka was married to a Stratiff.   Rebeca's husband's name was William Irving Straitiff.  nformation with be forth coming and I will put what  ----------

Rebeka and Williams children:  Charles Holt, Margaret (Faust), Paul, Floyd, Dona, William Jr., Ira and Martha.

William had Wm. Jr.....Margaret had Mildred....Charles Holt had Charles Holt Jr., Olive Mary, William  Arthur, Catherine Edith, Daniel Barto, Ruth Jane, Margaret Ann , and Doris Vermont.  (Please see www.pattyroberts.com.  I redid the names of the children as they had some of their nicknames here.)

Clifford had: Ira....Floyd had Shirlet, Dave, Richard and Paul had Ethel.

Nellie Horner is 102 and Rebeka was her Aunt.  See picture page 151 in Burket  Book.

Nellie Horner and Arnold.



I think it is time to include an "Arnold" story about now.  Need to give us a look into what makes Arnold tick.  His writing is beautiful, and sometimes funny.

Mountain Nights
wrote by Arnold

"Yes, it is beautiful in the mountains. I would not live anywhere else.  The mountains have a majestic unbroken feeling of being a part of it; a feeling of belonging; a feeling of love and compassion for everything.  You slowly and silently look and see mother nature at her best and know you are a part of God's green acres with the gentle rolling hills and the fields. Regardless of what season, they all have unmatched beauty.  A field snow covered, glistens in the dim winter light as I drive home after a hard days work.

A frost on the trees looks like Christmas trees all lovingly decorated with care, they glitter in a gentle breeze like electric lights sparkling.  OH, I tell you its a sight to behold looking for miles across the mountain tops, the ridges and vales. To cross a country bridge in winter and see a babbling brook do its magic with the snow and ice, and driving by the country cemetery covered with snow is an awesome sight.  People pay a lot of money for an artist to paint a picture of these beautiful things mother nature gives freely.

Living in the mountains I never tire of taking the time to admire all the creations of nature God has given us.  Living in the country I watch the fresh seeded fields grow and mature into grain to feed others, people, the cattle that provide meat and milk, the wild animals, the birds.

In the spring of the year everything is new and renewed for the fall harvest to give us food for winter.  The air smells so fresh.  The farmer planting the fields; a freshly plowed field has a sweet smell and is beautiful to see especially if you watch it being plowed with horses.  A fresh cut field of hay laying so helpless makes me happy and sad; it was so beautiful standing, now it is laying down waiting to dry and be harvested.  But do not be disheartened, another crop will grow quite quickly.  The wild animals and birds are busy with their young, teaching them survival for the winter that is to come, and if they make it thru the winter, they will produce young offspring in the spring and life's cycle will begin anew once again.

This my friends cannot be completely told in a story book, you must experience mother nature and see for yourself the beauty of living in the mountains and rural America.  The sounds of the birds in spring is a concert to your ears; the snorting of a deer; the bugle of an elk; the night owls, and sadly, almost extinct, the song of a whip-por-will and other birds and animals that sing in the night.  There is nothing more peaceful than to see a log cabin in a small clearing in the mountains, as it gives you a feeling of belonging and contentment that all is well and you know God is watching over you.

When you look across the mountain tops there is usually a lone tree that stands out and does not blend in with the forest. A lonesome pine, just one standing out from all the rest.  I have seen this many times in different places and I wonder why a lonesome pine grows amongst the oak and maple, beech and birch and others.  One Lonesome Pine.  I might add, the dogwood trees are beautiful in bloom, twisted, crooked and cracked rough bark, one of the most beautiful trees in bloom you will ever see."


Jim and Alice Burkett
Arnold Burkett's parents

James Peter Burkett born 13 October, 1905, Byrnedale, PA.
died  15 March, 2000

Alice Priscilla Jones born 26 August, 1908
Punxsutawney, PA.

JP Burkett and Alice Married
27 August, 1925 at Jamestown, NY.

They always celebrated the THREE day
26, Aug---- Alice's birthday
27, Aug------ Wedding anniversary
28, Aug------ Jimmy's birthday

There was quite a STIR when Jim and Alice ELOPED, she was only
seventeen, her father Silvanus Jones reported it to the police, it was a jolly good
chase, like the hounds chasing the fox in Merry ole England, but to no
avail, the sly young fox was well prepared to give the hounds a
chase, like chasing Bonnie and Clyde, now you see them, now you don't.
I heard my father tell this story hundreds of times, he owned the
BRAGGING  RIGHTS, you might say the copyright.
Leaving Punxsutawney, Pa. at high speed in a hot rod Model T Ford, 
that was long before Punxsutawney Phil was heard of,
they took all the winding trails to Penfield, then up over Boone Mountain just as fast
as that old Model T Ford would go, BACKWARDS, You see Henry Ford didn't
have all the bugs out of his cars yet, and on steep grades the engine
did not get any gas, No Fuel Pump, it was gravity flow, so you turned
around and backed up the mountain, it was no biggy, just slowed you down,
about 5 mph for 5 miles, can you imagine the kink in your neck, all the
roads were mud, one lane, if you met someone coming in the opposite direction,
you sometimes had to back up a half a mile to a wide spot to let him pass,
I said HIM, there was no lady drivers, in fact drivers license was unheard of,
so to get on with the tale of Bonnie and Clyde, OOPS, I mean Jim and
Alice, its so close to the Bonnie and Clyde episodes, in fact, come to think of it
Jim and Alice was first at playing cops and robbers, Jim stole Alice 
and eluded capture, so over the mountains Jim and Alice fled at top speed, 
they came to the NEW York border, and Jim knew it was a big offense to let 
Alice ride across the state line being a minor, James being a law abiding citizen had his
poteet little bride to be, get out of the car and with wings on her feet, dance merrily
across the PA/ New York border, meanwhile James drove the automobile
into NY, Alice jumped in that hot rod Ford and they sped merrily 
away to Jamestown, NY and immediately married.
Once they were married, the law could not chase them anymore,
They were married 75 years.

The Story of Jim and Alice Burkett is true,
told by their son Arnold,
Family Historian.
22 April, 2002.


Alice Burkett, RD#1 Penfield, Pa passed away at 9:20 pm. Thursday evening 15 August 2002 after a lengthy illness at the home of her daughter Mrs. Linda Scanish, Linda had cared for her mother for the past nine years. Alice would have been 94 on the 26th. of August. Alice Priscilla Jones married James Peter Burkett of RD # 1 Penfield 25 August, 1925.

James passed away 15 March, 2000.

Alice was born 26 August 1908 in Punxsutawney, she was the daughter of Silvanus Jones and wife Alice Priscilla Kelly Jones. She is the last one of her immediate family, her brothers and sisters are, Silvanus Jr, Josephine, William, and half sister Violet( Mrs Frank Frye of Big Run )

Alice was the mother of two sons and six daughters,

Mrs Ella Jane Conklin, James Gerald,Deceased 12 May 1982, Mrs.Joyce Conklin, Mrs.Autumn Watson, all of Clearfield, Mrs. Roberta Mullaney of St Marys,Arnold of RD# 1 Penfield, Mrs. Aurea Weaver of New Jersey, and Mrs. William Scanish of RD#1 Penfield, Pa.

Alice had 24 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.

Jim and Alice Burkett was married 75 years before he passed away. Alice was a housewife all her married life and LOVED Children, she never tired of her grandchildren, they was her life, Alice's mother passed away when she was a young girl, Alice was a kindly, gentle Loving, Caring Mother and Grandmother and the family will forever have fond memories of our Beloved Mother.

Wrote by Arnold. 


This is cousin, Wilmer Garvin  with a 54"  "live" rattler!  ugh
I have rattlesnake dens about a mile from my place, they pay us a visit
from time to time," Arnold said.


My Old Dog Boomer

I arose just before daybreak, well rested, I had a good night's sleep.
I rushed to the window to see what's on. many birds at the feeder singing their
Christmas song. There is nothing Quite so Refreshing as the break of 
Dawn at Christmas. A fresh light Winter snow had fallen during the night.
Oh Dear Friends, What a Magnificent A Sight,  everything was covered in a
sparkling blanket of white, it looked like magic in dawn's early light.

As I looked out every window to enjoy the view, I see my Old dog Boomer 
is up and about too. As he comes to the window, I see the gray in his face, 
but he keeps on running at a Merry pace. He comes to the door, I let him in,
A treat or two and he's out again. He runs and frolics till days end.

He romps and plays with Jake and Buddy, his doggie friends.
Then a good warm supper my doggies will enjoy, fresh straw in their warm
doghouse, They will snuggle in tight. They have bedded down once again for the night.
The Birds and Doggies know Christmas is near, For they watch at the sky
for an Angel to Appear.

Wrote by Arnold Burkett
24 December 2000
Time: The Break of Dawn