Stories and pictures from my folks.

                Mum and Dad

My parents had to be the most patriotic people I have known! Every single holiday that represented anything patriotic, he would decorate anything and everything that would hold a flag. Dad would even put red, white and blue crepe paper streamers on his hub caps; stick a flag through any hole he had in his car; hang flags from trees, poles, you name it, there would be a flag. He even marched in any and all parades with his World War I Dough Boy uniform on as it always fit him.  In fact, the last parade that he marched in, he was in almost 90 years old.  Mom was always there with him, in the auxiliary group, whether American Legion, or VFW.     Lots more stories to come.


Dad was the mascot for the Warren Pumpers of Pepperell when he was a little boy.  When he retired and moved back there, they made him their mascot again!  Here he is with the "pumper"!  Don't know what a pumper is?  It is an old time apparatus for putting out fires before fire engines.  You had some men on one side of the tank that held the water, and more men on the other side, and you pumped it like a see-saw with those poles. They would have contests to see who could squirt the water the farthest!


This was Dad's business card for his bakery when he was a young man.


The old Bancroft bakery truck that Dad used for his deliveries. Wonder if this was
a Hudson too?


This is Dad in Sonny's hot rod waiting to drive it in a 4th of July parade in Hemet, California  It's in the driveway in back of their house in Hemet.  See his Hudson's in the back of the photo.