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Ode to Anna

The heart yearns for that which
Seems to forever be lost
Something that is there
But yet is unreachable
To feel those arms around you
To feel the gentle touch
The knowledge of the one who cares
The feeling of being loved
The peace in knowing you’re protected
Such is life
These desire both gift and curse
Only the heart can guide
 Only the heart will see
  If you but listen to God
  The answer he has already put
   Within the heart you hold so true
  Trust your mind
  Trust your heart
  Trust your God
   Trust yourself





What is it
That drives a person
To wish they could cry
What is it that
Stops the tears from flowing
Why do these dreams persists

Why won’t these thoughts
Get out of my mind
"Leave me be",
I shout in vain !
My voice trails off
As it is carried away
On the Constant flow of wind

Tell me
These thoughts I have .
What do they mean?
Why can’t I decipher them?
I write what I see
I write what I feel
I say what I think
But still they persist.

Here I thought
In my foolish pride
That this would finally
Be controlled .
That this unending torment ...
This torrent ...this
Ceaseless storm...
These thoughts...

Why is this the way
That is seems it has to be ?
What is this weakness
Inside of me ?
Why is it there?
Where is the purge?
Soon all will be made clear
My thoughts will once again
Be my own
Or will they ?

Do we make out thoughts
Or do our thoughts make us ?
Such is the torment of
Those who think
Those who see
Those who’s eyes
Have been opened .
We must learn to
Control that which
We cannot understand.





Such is life, a journey left untrod.

 A story left untold. 

Who knows where my feet have walked

and whither my eyes have strayed. 

Pain becomes a constant

and uncertainty, a joy.

Marred is the heart.

Wise is the mind.

Unfeeling are the hands.

Support is not needed

For strength is plentiful.

Others are dependent

But yet you cannot depend

For you are too weak

Too lost and confused.

Understood are everyone’s

Emotions but your own...

Your own feelings...

Your own thoughts...

Remain lost to you

While you find continue to find theirs.

Understanding is gone,

 Replaced by confusion




My blood flows freely
Let loose from its bondage.
My thoughts are finally free
To explore all that can be.
  Is this real...
Is this Life...
Are these the
Thoughts of circumstance?
Is there ever an end
To this road I walk
Or is this journey just begun?
To let such opportunity pass unheeded ,
would that not be a sin...
What is this world in which I dwell?
Life is but a journey,
Thoughts left incomplete.
Is this the way it is to be
Is this just the end of the beginning?
Thoughts of circumstance
Run throughout my mind.
I know that if I could but find
My way then all would be complete
This prison I am in still holds me back.
Uncertainty lingers...
Thoughts still lie unfinished...
My journey yet to be complete.
This is the end I say
When all seems so unclear.
Wisdom and Knowledge are fleeting.
Emotions never last.
Courage is but a deception
Which cleverly masks the fear
Never shall my mind roam free.
For what will be has been
And so Life Goes
Continuing to be throughout the ages.
Thoughts of uncertainty can not be heeded
Only fear will remain