A blink of an eye and time is gone, never to return exactly.

What did I do to remember it? Think, think of times past and the cherished moments,

From the wafting fragrance of a budding rose, to listening to the almost faint peep of a new birth in the trees.

Lie on my back watching fluffy clouds lazily make pirate ships, clowns and angels by intent imagination.

Feeling the soft Spring breeze as it makes a musical sound swishing through the pine trees.

Down the street George has gone home to his Father in Heaven.

Remember?  Remember his gratefulness in the goodies brought and the shy pleasure in his eyes as he takes your offering?  

Remember the feelings of going down a familiar street after being gone for a while?

Watching children play pretend and realize in all but a too short  time, they too, will stand where you stand,

Life is to be cherished and hugged.  The petty things thrown away as what good do they do?

No one needs to be shackled by regrets, by what ifs!  Take the time  to feel each precious moment of mortality....make the best of what is, as life is a treasure map of every emotion known to man on your way to eternal riches.

Don't be fooled into wrong turns, broken paths and block walls of anger, resentment and jealousy.

Live, live to love, enjoy and appreciate all of the good things, as the bad can encompass if not thrown away.

The chains of depression can strangle the tiniest glimmer of hope if not cast aside.

'Tis much easier to think beautiful thoughts than to plug the holes of hope with pettiness.

Life is sweet if we can but see ahead.  See even though our vision gets clouded.  See with our heart and spirit.

That is the gift of life

Patty Bancroft Roberts

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