Contents of Recipe Book


2 Hour Rolls         
Apple Wheat Bread                        
Banana Bran Bread  
Banana Bread          
Brown Bread               
Cheese Bread              
Corn Bread               
Cottage Cheese Bread     
David’s Mission Orange Rolls   
Diastatic Malt       
Doty’s Whole Wheat Bread         
Easy Mixer Bread        
English Ginger Bread                            
French Bread              
German Braided Bread        
Ginger Bread                   
Gingerbread Men               
Grandma LuLu’s White Bread        
Grandpa Bancroft’s White Bread 

Hamburger Buns                              

Honey Blueberry Muffins
Honey Graham                  
Honey Wheat Bread             
Indian Fry Bread                      
Momma Mastro’s Italian Bread Sticks     
New England Style Brown Bread            
Oatmeal Bread        
Orange Butter                                
Patty’s Blueberry Coffee Cake       
Patty’s Version of Corn Bread     
Patty’s White Bread              

Pumpkin Bread                                     
Pumpkin Nut Bread      
Pumpkin Squares                                
Skillet Bread                                       
Sour Dough Biscuits                          
Sour Dough Starter              
Vermont Graham Bread          
Wendy’s Flour Tortillas

Blueberry Surprise                           
Cinnamon Coffee Cake                       
Cowboy Coffee Cake in the microwave
Cream of Tartar Biscuits                    

Danish Pancakes                                

Eggs Benedict our style                            
Silver Dollar Hotcakes                       
Six Week Muffin Mix                         
Vacation Donut Holes   

Bar B.Q Wieners
Cheese Ball
Cheese Fondue                       
Chicken Marinade                     
Dried Beef Roll-Ups                              
Ham Ball                              
Microwave Sweet n’ Sour Meatballs         
Party Pizza                                            
Ritz Bits                                                
Salmon & Cheese Ball     
Welsh Rarebit  

Butterscotch Topping                       
Candy Train                                 
Chocolate Drops                              
Chocolate Ice-Cream                         
Chocolate Topping                            
Dishpan Cookies                              
English Toffee                                
Homemade Peanut Butter- 
Ice Cream Sandwich
Jeanne’s Cherry Bon-Bons               
Kool Aid Jelly                                 
Lemon Bars                                   
Lemon Ice Cream                             
Marshmallow Topping                        
Mexican Wedding Cakes                     
New Zealand Short Cookies               
Norwegian Crowns                               
Old Fashioned Fudge                             
Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies              
Panocha Fudge or Brown Sugar Fudge  

Peanut Butter Cookies Pralines                                                  

Pumpkin Cookies                      
Raspberry Tarts    
Rocky Road Candy      
Soft Molasses Cookies   
Sugar Cookies    
Sugared Walnuts      
Sure & Easy Spritz Cookie 
Swedish Nuts     
Sweetened Condensed Milk Substitute          
Tennessee Chocolate Squares         
Vanilla Fudge 

  7 Minute Frosting  
Another Easy Jell-O Cake   
Apple Cake in a Jar                         
Apple Crisp     
Apple Dumplings      
 Baked Indian Pudding    
Berry Rose Sorbet                                                   Brownies   
 Butter Cream Icing    
Carrot Cake     
Chocolate Brownie Pie    
Chocolate Filling                                                    Chocolate Peanut Pizza 
Cinnamon Sugar Sauce       
Easy Jell-O Cake      
Grandma Lulu Bancroft’s Lemon Cake Pie 
Grapenut Pudding                                                 
Hard Sauce                                                        

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake                                              
Impossible Pumpkin Pie    
Jam Cake    
Jiffy Yule Log   
Knox Blox           
 Lemon Cheese Cake      
Lemon Glaze     
Minute Tapioca Pudding    
New England Chocolate Bread Pudding       
Parsnip Pudding  
Petite Pearls     
Pie Crust                    
Rice Pudding          
Texas Sheet Cake               





1000 Island Salad                    
4 Bean Salad                    
Cole Slaw                          
Crispy Jello Salad             
French Dressing            
Macaroni Salad          Mayonnaise                                      

Pineapple Cheese Salad       
Potato Salad                  
Salad Dressing                 
Seven Layer Salad              
Taco Salad                                       

Waldorf Salad                    
Watergate Salad                 
Wilted Salad     

Apricot Chicken Bake           
Baked Salmon Pie       
Beef Jerky     
Beef Chop Suey              
Beef Stew    
Boston Baked Beans         
Chicken Fricassee with Dumplings   

Chicken Roll-Ups     
Chicken Tetrazine (Microwave)
Chinese Almond Cookies    
Chinese Fried Rice           
Chinese Hash                 
Chinese Sundae              
Chinese Walnut Chicken or
Cashew Chicken           

 Corn Chowder 
Crustless Quiche      
Easy Chicken and Dumplings    
Egg Flour Soup        
Egg Foo Young       
Egg Rolls         
Electric Skillet Round Steak  
Glazed Pork with Orange-Wheat        

Ham and Bean Dinner   
Ham and Limas         
Jackie’s Stroganoff  
Jungle Stew       
Kathy’s Enchilada’s       
Lasagna Sauce         
Louise Miller’s Persian- Sandwich Filling 
Macaroni and Cheese  
Marinate Flank Steak
Meat Loaf for 70         
New England Boiled Dinner 
Old Fashioned Meat Loaf  
Raisin Sauce 
Red Flannel Hash          
Relief Society Swiss Steak 
Salmon Patties       
Silver Wrapped Chicken      
Sunday Dinner        
Swedish Meat Balls 
Sweet N’ Sour Pork  
Sweet N’ Sour Sauce Swiss Steak 

Tamale Pie      
Tamale Pie Filling          
Ten Bean Soup           
Tuna Casserole   
Unusual Burritos     
White Bean Pot    
White Sauce                                                 

Almond Punch                  
Cranapple Punch                
Cranberry Punch               
Fruit Punch                       
Fruity Frappe                    
Golden Sherbet Punch          
Hot Chocolate Mix              
Hot Mulled Cider               
Oahu Frappe                     
Orange Whip           
Pineapple/Banana Punch                 

Slush Punch                                      

Basic Waffles                 
Blueberry Muffins
Brawny Beef Sandwiches  
Cheese Fondue             
Chicken Fried Steak             
Chocolate Hearts               

Christmas Salad
Clam Chowder
Crab Salad
David's BBQ Macaroni and Cheese
Dutch Baby Pancakes 
English Muffins           
Green Bean, Beef and Potato-             Casserole 
Grandpa Bancroft's Memory Mix  

Impossible Chicken n’ Broccoli Pie
Mississippi Mud Pie    
Mom’s Lemon Sauce               
Orange Muffins                 
Peanut Brittle                   
Phyllis’ Cabbage and Macaroni   
Pita Bread 
Pound Cake
Pretzel Rolls
Raymond's Orange Chicken  
Rusty’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake-
Dessert Squares          
Rusty’s Graham Cracker Crumb-
Six Week Muffin Mix