This is Kathy, my oldest child and daughter.  I used to make just about all of the clothes that Kathy and Mary wore.  By the time the other two came around, who had time!  This was taken on Washington St. in San Jacinto, CA probably around 1956-57.  None of my kids had hardly any hair until they were over a year old.

Kathy loved to pretend to drive!  She was literally running and even talking sentences by the time she was a year old.  She started doing all that just a little after she was nine months old. This again was taken on Washington Street. We sure missed that beautiful apricot grove across the street when they took them all down to make room for houses.

This is Sonny, Freddie and me, Patty.  At first I thought we were on the steps of the boat that took us to the New York World's Fair, but I don't think boats had those kind of windows and especially not sills!  <smile>

This is me as an Indian Maiden in the Ramona Pageant in Hemet, CA.  I was in the pageant over 15 years and had two different speaking parts during that time, Marda the ranch cook and Aunt Ri.  I loved being in the pageant and I miss that, as I am so far away to be a part of it.

This is my grandson, Isaac and Noah's younger brother.  He loves reading and is writing a novel at his young age of "almost" 16!  He is a wonderful big brother to his adopted, handicapped brother, Christopher, shown below.  Isaac is a terrific student even though he detests school.  (Grandma's opinion that he isn't challenged enough.)

This is Christopher, age 7 1/2.  This cutie pie was born deaf, is autistic, has Duschane MD, and Cerebral Palsy.  According to the doctors, he is writing his  book of life as he has accomplished things that are unheard of.  He can communicate in his own way to let you know how he feels and what he wants even though he doesn't speak.

This is Noah with the bow tie and his cousin, Megan, (Wendy's oldest daughter and child) at their home in Oregon.  Aren't they cute!!  Catch that red hair peeking out from under her hood!

Kathy when she was just 8 months old.  The kid was walking/running at 9 months and talking sentences at a year.  You still can't keep her still, either way!  hahahaha  Oh, to have her energy at this age.

Kathy standing in a neighbor's rose garden.

Sean showing his nephew some of the toys he used to play with and also his mom played with them when she was small.  Who says grandma's keep things?  <smile>

Barney, Megan and Mellie's dog since they were little girls.  Sadly he got old and had arthritis so had that it came to the point where they just couldn't see him suffer any more. A vet came to their home and while they were all holding him, he was put to sleep.  His wagging tail and eyes that told you he loved you are missed when we visit.

Megan just couldn't be without a dog so they rescued  this Basset Hound from the dog pound.  He came with the name of Bubba so they kept it as it seemed to fit him. Megan's cousin, Sarah, is helping her to train him. Bubba has to be the world's best escape artist when it comes to fleeing!  He even managed to have a police officer pick him up but Bubba was found before they took him  to the pound.  

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