More Sudbury

My brother, Fred, sitting in the seat that I did when 
I was a student at the Redstone School.

Another shot of the inside of the school.

Mrs. Bennett was my teacher and I dearly loved her.  She seemed to know what each of us needed in the way of discipline and love.  Looking at the pictures above, I am sure glad that no one ruined the ambience of the oldness of the school by painting the desks and cleaning them up. We all must  watch "Antiques Road Show" hahahaha


Another picture of Sudbury Center that my brother,
Fred took for me.  He also took the ones, (had them taken) that
he is in above.

Flag ceremony in front of the Town Hall..  Dad is wearing his W W I uniform..
and I think that is Mum with him.

Also living in Sudbury during my growing up years, brought patriotism to my very soul and being. I can get layers of goose bumps real easy when I hear the Star Spangled Banner; see flags upon flags flying; even watching a color guard go by or post the colors.  I really missed that patriotism when we moved to the west coast.  Not saying that they aren't patriotic but it just wasn't the same.  Dad tried real hard to make a lot of it happen in our town of Hemet, CA.  He started the fireworks for the fourth of July. . .  he started the Avenue of Flags at the local cemetery. . . and what few parades they had on those American holidays, he organized.  Sometimes he would be the only one who had flags flying all over the place at home and on all of his cars as most people would have just one flag displayed.

Dad with Sonny's hot rod in the late 1960's in Hemet.

The printing under the picture is hard to read so I will copy it
here for you.

"SUDBURY'S OLDEST VETERANS ride in the Memorial Day Parade.  They are seated in front (left) Lloyd Bancroft, and in the rear seat (left to right), Sherrold Garfield, Forrest Bradshaw and George Brown.  They were driven by Executive Secretary, Ed Thompson, whose son Michael is seated next to him." I cut off the date but the picture was published May 30, 1985. Lloyd Bancroft was 89 years of age at the time.