Neat Sudbury Memories


Curtis' garage in the late 1940's

Right along side to the right, is a street that goes up a hill, forgive me for not remembering the name, call it having a "senior moment here", but the city would lay down a long stretch of deep sand at the bottom where it connects with the Boston Post Road during winter time so that we could ride our sleds down the hill. The ride down that street is something I won't ever forget! The hard part was the climb back up.  <smile> We started way past the school that was, at that time, almost the top of the hill on the left..

The Fellows family lived across the street on a hill that was perfect for kite flying and Mr. Fellows made the neatest box kites you ever did see. He even let us kids hang on to it when it was in the air.  Priscilla Pittman lived close by and the lady who taught me Music Appreciation in Girl Scouts (don't you just hate not remembering names?)  Alice Davidson lived just down the street the other way and I could keep on listing all of the folks that I remember but it would take up way too much room.

Mr. Burns and I  at his home on Concord Rd in 1980.

I have been racking my brain trying to remember if the play house I used to play in was in his yard up by the trees.  I would ask for the key and they would let me play to my heart's content as often I wanted.  I would unlatch the windows, open the door, sweep everything out and play "pretend".  There was a sign behind the house right next to the wooded area that said, "this way to the springs".... . . . . . . you would follow that sign as it twisted around, up and down through the woods.  You would finally come across a metal ladle that was hung on a tree and a sign would be there saying "Spring".  I am laughing out loud as I think of it as all the spring was, was a large truck spring there by the tree.  I have tried to plant my trees down in our grove so that I can do the same thing there for the kids, but we aren't quite there yet.

Esther Adams

Remember her?  She was either my first or second grade teacher in Sudbury.  I had the marvelous opportunity of visiting with her in her home when I went back in the 1980's and she remembered ME!  She asked about my brothers, Sonny and Freddy and what an amazing lady.  I am so happy that she allowed me to take a picture of her.  She remembered things I never even knew nor thought about. What a sweetheart she was and I am so pleased that I got to visit with her.

So many people who were so very kind to me growing up and I don't think I would have made it if they hadn't.  I figure that each of them have lots of stars in their crowns for the love that they showed me and I will be looking forward in greeting them and hugging a lot when I pass on.

This is "my pond"

Well, not really "my pond" but the pond that I skated on as a kid and just sat under a tree, to think, when I was a kid living just across the street..  It seemed that I preferred to play checkers with Edie Eaton than play ball with the kids! The first time that I went back for a visit as an adult after we left in 1949, I had to go to my pond.  When I walked behind the library and then the boy scout house to the pond, I just stood and stood and looked and looked.  What happened to my pond?  Then the light switch went on. . .  the pond didn't shrink, I grew up. It was fall time so there were lots of leaves and debris floating around.  It didn't matter though, as gobs of memories came to my head as I remember the skating, sliding down the little bank on my sled and the fun that all of us kids had on that tiny body of water. You can't see it through the trees, but the depot was back in behind there somewhere.

The Goodnow Public Library.

The public library was across our home on Concord Rd in South Sudbury.  I took this picture the winter sometime before we left for California back in 1949.  I haven't seen snow like that since I lived back there then.  We do get snow in Utah where we live, but we are about in the middle of the state so we don't get the real bad stuff but enough for me to enjoy having snow!  Bless snow blowers and a husband who can still shovel!  I remember Elizabeth, the librarian, as I used to go just to talk with her and she was always so sweet to me.  My good feelings of libraries are due to my exposure to this one and the way I was treated.

Remember the Joseph Way family?  I chuckle when I think about them!  <smile>  The first time back there of course I had to see them, so I walked up to their back door (I don't ever remember going through their font one) and knocked.  Way (always did just call her Way, don't know why, but I did.) and there stood this teeny tiny lady. I was so flabbergasted that the first thing out of my mouth, is "Way, when did you shrink?"  She laughed and said that she didn't, I just grew up.  It seems that was one of the general responses that I got when talking to people.  Things do look smaller when you are an adult that what they did when you are a kid!

The Joseph Way Family

I remember the Twitchell family really well too.  I will take a picture of my doll that Mrs. Twitchell made for me one year.  Rather shoddy looking do to getting lots of playing with, but I do have plans on restoring her.

 I thought it might bring back some memories for folks if I included the three houses that we lived in while in Sudbury.  The very first one was by Dr. started with a C (?) on the way to North Sudbury.  If Mum were alive, she remembered the name. All I can remember is that you take Concord Rd up to Sudbury Center and you keep going straight! <smile>  It was on the way to the pond where we had swimming classes from the Red Cross; on the way to Lilly Lanes home where in October you could barely see the house for all the pumpkins and it was also where we used to sled down the long hill that was on the right hand side.  Phewww, where did all that come from!  Too bad I can't remember the names though but I think you old timers can remember them.

This is a newer picture than when we lived there as we had a porch
on the front..
House #1

This is the only one that I have that shows the front porch.  
This is all of us Bancroft's at that time.