Where we lived. . . . . 


This has always been my house of "my dreams".  What I wouldn't
give to have enough money to buy it from who ever owns it!  I wonder
if the peanut butter stains are still on the kitchen ceiling!  hehee
he house is located right across the street from the old school and
the Royal Haynes home.

 I just "had" to put this picture in also. It is the driveway to "my home."
I can only dream about it as I wouldn't even be able to afford the taxes
much less own it!

The house when we lived in it.  I still like it!
House #2

This is on Concord Rd in So. Sudbury across the street from the
library.  The Boston Post Road is just down to the right of it past the 
house that the Wood's lived in.  This was taken after color photo's were around!  <smile> and we didn't live there any more.


Taken in the late 1940's.  House #3  
 You can see the front of the Congregational
Church at the right of the house behind the trees. You can see the corner
of Way's home just between our house and the Church.  WE had the most 
humongous lilac bushes behind the house!!! covet, covet..

The Congregational Church taken before we left.

 Oh, the memories.  From Halloween parties in the basement, to the Tom Thumb Wedding, to receiving my very first Bible, Boy Scout meetings, talent shows and you name it.  A wonderful part of my life.

This is the Tom Thumb Wedding.  My brother Sonny was the groom and Jane Flynn
was the bride.  I was a bridesmaid, the last girl on the left in the back row, and Freddie
was a groomsman, the last in the back row on the right.